Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Hello everyone, well at the moment there is no one apart from my laptop staring back at me so unbudgingly. I'm writing this blog to use as a sort of public diary to detail my daily life including hobbies, interests and general goings on I want to output.

I'll start by saying I'm 22 and was born and raised in bonnie Scotland, i.e., the United Kingdom. I'm currently embroiled in a University course(exams are approaching for which I'm not prepared!). A year left so will need to actually pay taxes soon!

I'm an avid sports fan. Love football, rugby, tennis, hockey and some others. Never play very much as I'm a lazy git and spend too much time playing on my computer. I do venture out once and a while and go hillwalking to various hills(generally Munros which are classified as such if they are => 3000 feet) around Scotland. Biking is another interest I have. I'm lucky to live in a town that has many country routes and bike paths that provide magnificent views. I onceattempted to combine my biking, hillwalking and sporting interests by cycling to a hill, climbed said hill, then played football straight afterwards. I was completely knackered after it and can guarantee it shan't be attempted again!

Anyway, here's to a long and prosperous blog.

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